Computer Skills Competency Assessment

Computer Competency Skills

This is an assessment of basic computer skills and competency and a method for meeting MCCC’s General Education Competency to “understand and apply current and appropriate technology tools and resources.”

It is a computerized assessment consisting of both objective questions and a skills/application demonstration section.

It assesses skills and competency in Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Google Chrome and Microsoft Windows. It includes demonstration of general knowledge of concepts and terms, file management, document processing, use of presentation software, use of e-mail to communicate and use of a Web browser to conduct online research.

This assessment is not a “placement” test, a method to earn academic credit or a way to meet pre-requisites for advanced computer courses.

CSCA Information Form


Those who:

  • Plan to earn an associate degree from MCCC;
  • Have chosen a degree program that does not include BMGT 160, CIS 130 or MDTC 160 as required or elective courses that will be selected during your program coursework;
  • Have computer knowledge and good computer skills developed through experience or previous coursework; or
  • Are interested in the nursing or respiratory therapy programs, as this assessment may be an option to meet criteria for application and admission.

Simply put, the General Education Competency to understand and apply current and appropriate technology tools and resources must be satisfied prior to graduation with an associate degree. In some instances, such as applying to a selective health sciences program, this general education competency requirement may need to be met sooner.

Pick-up an application from your academic advisor or a counselor in the Admissions and Guidance Office or download the Computer Skills Competency Assessment Application Form.

Meet with your academic advisor or counselor to discuss the Computer Skills Competency Assessment and your current skill level. Have that person sign your application.

The assessment is administered in Founders Hall, Room F-160.  Please call (734) 384-4255 to set up an appointment.

When you arrive to take the assessment, you will need to show a picture ID. Please allow at least 60 minutes to complete the assessment. Don’t bring any books or materials with you.

Upon achieving a satisfactory score on the “Concepts” portion of the assessment, you will need to purchase the appropriate “SAM Keycode” from the MCCC Bookstore.  The approximate cost is $35 plus tax. This is necessary to proceed to the “Applications” section of the assessment.

When completed, your results will be submitted to the Registrar’s Office for inclusion in your record.

Only one attempt is allowed per semester.

The Computer Competency Assessment Exam consists of two parts. Questions and tasks for both parts correlate to the learning objectives for the MCCC General Education Competency to “understand and apply current and appropriate technology tools and resources.”

Part 1

Part 1 must be successfully completed with a passing score of 75 percent prior to taking Part 2 of the exam.  This part evaluates the student’s knowledge of general computer terms and computer basics, file management, Microsoft Windows 10, word processing, presentation software, email, the Internet and Web browsers. This part of the assessment exam consists of multiple choice and true/false questions.

Special Instructions and Reminders:  Do not click on the back button on the browser window during the exam.  This may cause the exam may be automatically submitted and exited. Students have 20 minutes to complete Part 1.

Part 2

Part 2 evaluates skills and applicative knowledge of such tasks as:

  • File/folder management, accessing software programs, performing searches, accessing devices, and the use of the Charms bar using Microsoft Windows 10
  • Word processing software using MS Word  365/2021
  • Presentation software using MS PowerPoint 365/2021
  • Email utilizing MS Outlook 365/2021

Special Instructions and Reminders: The tasks are randomly generated; for example, a PowerPoint skill may follow a Word skill. Thus, it is recommended that you pay attention to the software referenced before performing the task. Some tasks consist of multiple parts. Therefore, you should read the entire task description before starting the task. Students are allowed two attempts for each task. Check the task list before exiting the exam to ensure you have completed all the tasks. Students have 40 minutes to complete Part 2.

Contact Information

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Building / Office IconFounders Hall - F160
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Testing is by appointment only

Summer Hours (May 6 – Aug. 9)
Mon - Thur: 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.