Other Sources

Other Sources of Financial Aid

The Bureau of Rehabilitation is an arm of the Michigan Department of Education, designed to provide rehabilitative services to vocationally handicapped or impaired individuals. 

Any person with impairment such as an amputation, a cardiac condition, speech problems, deafness, blindness, orthopedic involvements or epilepsy, can make application for service through the Bureau of Rehabilitation. 

All services provided are individually planned to meet the established need and could include, for example: tuition, fees, books, prosthetic devices, maintenance or other services that would be required for the completion of a rehabilitation program. 

A student who feels that vocational rehabilitation services are needed may make inquiry and application for assistance by contacting the office of the State of Michigan Bureau of Rehabilitation serving the student's home area.

Grants for qualified students of at least one-quarter American Indian descent are available through the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Information can be obtained by contacting:

Scholarship Officer
B.I.A., Higher Education Grant Program
Michigan Intertribal Education Association, Inc.
Baraga, Michigan 49908

This program currently provides free tuition at MCCC for North American Indians. Information can be obtained by contacting the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, 110 W. Michigan Ave., Lansing, Michigan 48933, (231) 439-5247.

Benefits for Children of Deceased or Totally Disabled Veterans

Those eligible for educational benefits are young men and women whose veteran-parents died of injuries or disease resulting from military service during World War I, World War II or the Korean conflict. Students generally must be between 18 and 26 years old; however, children will be permitted to begin school before their 18th birthday and finish after their 26th in some instances. *Note: To be eligible for full benefits, a student covered under the above program must carry at least 12 semester hours of credit.

Sons or daughters of a veteran who died for service-connected causes or who is totally disabled as a result of service-connected causes of any war in which the United States has been a participant may be eligible for benefits under Public Act 245 of the Public Acts of 1135, as amended. The benefits waive the regular fees each semester until the student reaches 23 years of age. Anyone who believes he or she is eligible should request an application from the Michigan Veterans' Trust Fund, Lansing, Michigan. Recipients must be full-time students and must maintain a minimum cumulative 2.25 grade point average.