Jamie G Student Success Story

Jamie G. Born in Kansas City, Missouri to Jimmy Gilland and Diane Harder in 1987, Jamie Gilland relocated to Monroe and has been working on his Associate of Science degree for nearly 10 years.

When COVID-19 hit in 2020, the Completion Scholarship Jamie received in this semester was a lifeline for his goal of completing his degree. Having struggled with autism his entire life and coming so close to achieving this important milestone in his life, Jamie was hoping for a miracle.

"I am only one course away from finally getting my associates degree," shared Jamie. "I came so close to having to give up, because student loans and financial aid will not be given to someone who isn't taking at least two courses. Because I only needed one more class loans weren't available to me and I had no other way of paying for this last course."

When asked what MCCC means to him, he proudly shares, "After almost ten years, and many hours of hard work, I can finally, finally get my degree after this semester." For that, Jamie Gilland is very, very grateful to the donors of The Foundation at MCCC and for the Board of Directors who quickly responded to student needs and made the decision to award the Emergency Relief Fund and Completion Scholarships available to students struggling with life changes as a result of COVID -19. 

Jamie shares his story below. https://youtu.be/UoV6KStgVrA


Jamie G. video


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