Student Success Stories

Our Students Share Their Stories and Appreciation

Learn more about a few of the dozens of students who have been helped by the Emergency Relief Fund established by The Foundation at MCCC to help students complete their studies as MCCC transitioned to online learning in the midst of the nation's response to COVID-19 and its aftermath. 



Matthew V. (right) with his family

Matthew V.

Matthew V., pictured at the right, with his brother, Joseph, and parents, Julia and William, was able to complete his associate degree at MCCC in December 2020 and now continues his studies in cybersecurity at Eastern Michigan University. 

Madison Y. and her mom, Kristi

Madison Y., Looking forward to helping others as a Respiratory Therapist

When asked what MCCC means to her, without hesitation Madison says, "Success. MCCC wants me to succeed in general and in the RT program.  I am just so thankful they care and want their students to succeed and will do anything they can to help all students."

Julie H.

Julie H., second-year nursing student

Julie is healthcare hero working on the front lines as a paramedic in the emergency room while she studies to become a nurse.  Click here to hear her story.

Jamie G.

Jamie G. Achieving a 10-year dream of earning his degree

When COVID-19 hit in 2020, the Completion Scholarship Jamie received in this semester was a lifeline for his goal of completing his degree. 

Amber, her son Landon and significant other Brad

Amber L., LPN student

Amber juggles being a mother to a three-year old son, a full-time job and her studies as a licensed practical nursing (LPN) student.  Now, in addition to coping with the challenges of transitioning to online coursework, she has been laid off due to COVID-19.  Click here to learn how MCCC helped Amber stay on track.

Maria Brinkey

Maria B., Second-Year Nursing Student

Maria is a mother of two.  Her son is in college studying chemical engineering, and her daughter is a precocious five year old.  She is a corrections officer, but she was recently laid off due to COVID-19.  She returned to school to become a nurse to do what she loves - helping others.