Madison Y Student Success Story

Madison and her twin brother were raised by their mom, Kristi, a single parent, so the help from The Foundation at MCCC means a great deal to Madison and her family.Madison Y. and her mom, Kristi

"My dream has always been to work in healthcare and to help others in need," said Madison. "Before I made the decision to stop working to focus fully on my studies in the Respiratory Therapy program, I worked as a waitress in a senior living facility for three years and then waitressed at a restaurant for about a year. I absolutely love working but I needed some time to focus on my education and be successful," in MCCC's highly competitive and nationally recognized program.

"My mom is my best friend and has done anything and everything to help me succeed," adds Madison, "Being a single mom she just does not have the extra money to help me financially with college so the extra help from the foundation at MCCC was a huge relief for me and I am so thankful."

When asked what MCCC means to her, without hesitation Madison says, "Success. MCCC wants me to succeed in general and in the RT program.  I am just so thankful they care and want their students to succeed and will do anything they can to help all students."

She is thankful that she saw the information about the funding that was made available last year to help students struggling with the COVID-19 situation and that she reached out to the Financial Aid Office to learn more. Without the support of the Emergency Relief Scholarship from The Foundation, Maria would have had to reconsider her educational goals, potentially putting her studies on hold or at least extending the length of time it will take her to complete her degree. "The support from the Foundation at MCCC has helped me further my education and allowed me to continue on my road to success." 

Listen to Madison's story below. 

Madison Y.

You can help students like Madison with a gift to the MCCC Emergency Relief Fund.