Enriching Lives Performance Award

The College acknowledges the importance of its employees and welcomes the opportunity to recognize their extraordinary achievements.

Employees will be recognized based on their commitment and example(s) of how they incorporate MCCC’s Mission, Vision and Values into their daily work.

MCCC’s mission is a broad statement of our organizational scope, purposes and operation that distinguishes us from other colleges, universities and organizations.  These values guide our attitudes and behavior.

The Employee Engagement Committee will accept nominations for the Enriching Lives Performance Award during each semester to recognize any employee at MCCC.  The committee is devoted to honoring the employee whose actions create a positive change on campus. Nominations will be accepted during the mid-point of the semester and the individual selected will be recognized at the board meeting closest to the end of the semester.

Enriching Lives Performance Award Nomination Form

Semester / Year Recipient Department / Division
Winter 2024 Alex Gerweck Admissions
Fall 2023 Amanda Althouse Student Success
Winter 2023 Gerald McCarty Student Services
Fall 2022 Amy Salliotte
Dan Wood

Purchasing and Auxiliary Services
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

Summer 2022 Leon Letter Business Division 
Winter 2022 Janel Boss Foundation / Marketing Communications
Fall 2021 Linda Marsh Human Resources
Summer 2021 Rachel Eagle Humanities / Social Sciences
Winter 2021 Mike D'Haene Maintenance
Fall 2020 Philip Borawski Information Systems
Summer 2020 Christina Payne Library
Winter 2019 Kristin Iacopelli Humanities / Social Sciences
Fall 2018 Allison Gallardo Student Services / Financial Aid
Winter 2018  Edmond LaClair Instructor
Winter 2017 Stacy Lehr Student Services / Library
Winter 2016 Rachel Lehr Health Sciences 
Fall 2015 Cameron Albring Applied Science and Engineering Technology
Winter 2015 Annette Kiebler Instruction
Fall 2014 Liz Raymond Learning Assistance Lab
Summer 2014 Tom Ryder Marketing and Communications
Winter 2014 Joe Verkennes Marketing and Communications
Summer 2013 Bryan Rorke Maintenance
Fall 2013 Susan Hoffer Maintenance
Winter 2013 Rick Hubbert Regional Computer Technology Center
Fall 2012 Tracy Rayl/Randy Daniels Science / Mathematics and Student Services
Spring 2012  Sue McKee Data Processing
Summer 2012 Beth Waldvogel Institutional Advancement
Winter 2012 Linda Geib Health Sciences
Nov/Dec 2011 Vicki LaValle Culinary Arts
Sept/Oct 2011 Penny Bodell Administrative Office
July/Aug 2011 Chris Bulin Health Sciences
Mar/April 2011 Kelly Scheer/Renee Drouillard Financial Aid
Jan/Feb 2011 Tammy Foster Payroll
Nov/Dec 2010 Vuncia Council Learning Bank
Sept/Oct 2010 Penny Dorcey-Naber Humanities / Social Sciences
May/June 2010 Randy Berns Bookstore
April 2010 Cathy Spearing Whitman Center
March 2010 Connie Zarb Institutional Advancement

Enriching Lives committee members –

Penny Dorcey, Teresa Drouillard, Amanda Gregory, Barry Kinsey, Linda Marsh, Robin Smith, Joe Verkennes, Grace Yackee

Contact Information

Human Resources Office


Building / Office IconS-152
Phone Icon (734) 384-4245