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Labor Contracts 


5.03 Faculty Master Agreement 2022-2025


7.00 Maintenance Agreement 2021-2024

Support Staff

8.00 Support Staff Contract 2023-2023

Labor Updates

July 21, 2023 -- Board Approves Faculty Contract; Master Agreement Signed

On July 19, the Monroe County Community College Board of Trustees voted to approve a Master Agreement between the Community College District of Monroe County and the MCCC Faculty Association. The Master Agreement was ratified by the Faculty Association on July 17.

MCCC President Kojo A. Quartey and MCCCFA President Mark Bergmooser signed the agreement on July 20. 

The contract was approved by a trustees’ vote of 4-0 and covers all full-time, non-administrative faculty positions at the college.

Linda Torbet, MCCC director of human resources, said the contract runs through August 24, 2025, and includes:

  • An increase in the number of yearly steps on the salary schedule from 12 to 15
  • A change in the salary structure to standardize the step increases annually to 3.25 percent for steps 1 through 12 and 2 percent for steps 13 through 15
  • A one-time, off-schedule payment of $1,000 to full-time faculty already at step 12
  • A reduction of the number of work days in the 38-week contract year from 162 to 160
  • A change in the contract year for professional counselors in the Admissions and Disability Services areas from 160 work days over 38 weeks to 160 work days over 52 weeks
  • A change to the start and end dates for the Winter Semester, with classes to begin and end a week later to accommodate for more time for students to enroll
  • An upgrade to dental and long-term disability insurance plans

MCCC President Dr. Kojo A. Quartey recommended the trustees’ approval of the contract, which he said is a significant recognition of the college and faculty working together to responsibly deal with challenging economic times.

The complete contract is posted in the "Labor Contracts" section above.

February 6, 2023 -- Statement from MCCC Board Chair Aaron N. Mason on faculty union's vote of no confidence in MCCC president:

“The Michigan Education Association recently delivered a resolution of no confidence in Monroe County Community College President Dr. Kojo A. Quartey – on behalf of MCCC’s faculty union – to the Board of Trustees and Dr. Quartey. We continue to digest the claims and work with administrators to fact check and review them as individual trustees. We will do the same collectively as a board in the appropriate way in future meetings. As board chair, I have full faith and confidence in Dr. Quartey’s leadership of MCCC and his unwavering commitment and dedication to serving our diverse students and community. Also, I continue to be inspired by the quality of instruction our faculty members provide and am excited about how recent student-focused initiatives – driven by our five-year strategic plan – will help make that even more impactful in our community.”

-- Aaron N. Mason, Chair, Monroe County Community College Board of Trustees 

February 4, 2023 -- New Support Staff Union Negotiations 

The Monroe County Community College's support staff voted to unionize last year, and negotiations with the new Monroe County Community College Support Staff Union have been ongoing to establish its first-ever contract. According to MCCC President Dr. Kojo A. Quartey, those negotiations are going smoothly and much progress is being made.

January 4, 2023 -- Monroe County Community College President Dr. Kojo A. Quartey Statement on Negotiations with Faculty Union

As we prepare collectively for the start of the Winter Semester, it is imperative that I address Monroe County Community College’s ongoing negotiations with our faculty union.

Monroe County Community College is committed to achieving a new collective bargaining agreement with the Monroe County Community College Faculty Association that balances fair compensation for all our employees with responsible fiscal stewardship and, most importantly, ensures that we continue to provide student-focused, quality and affordable higher education to our students into the foreseeable future.

MCCC is committed to negotiating a fair contract that provides raises for our faculty. We believe in the importance of investing in our workforce to ensure that we attract and retain talented professionals. We have exceptional faculty who serve our students well, and we currently pay them well accordingly (college contracts are published at That will not change under a new contract.

We must be mindful, however, that wages and benefits comprised 83% of MCCC’s 2022-2023 general fund budget. Increases given to one employee group directly diminish the funds available to pay other essential employees. All MCCC employees are important, and we cannot negotiate with one employee group without considering its impact on compensation for all our employees.

The faculty requested and were granted an extension of the previous contract through August 22, 2022. Faculty union members continue to work under the terms and conditions of that contract.

Our non-teaching faculty work days are established in the contract based on the academic calendar – this is despite primary duties unrelated to the teaching of classes. It is our goal to restructure work schedules so that non-teaching faculty are on campus when students need them, such as during high enrollment times prior to the semester.

As a tax-payer-supported institution, we will exercise financial prudence by not compromising the long-term financial stability of the institution. Like any solvent business, the college needs working capital/reserves throughout the year to pay bills and invest in our learning infrastructure. Salary, benefits, and raises will be budgeted for and not paid out by drawing down critical working capital/reserves. 

In all that we do, MCCC will always focus primarily on the needs of our students and community. As an institution with “student-focus” as a core value that guides our attitudes and behavior, we make decisions based on how they will impact each and every student at our college, as well as future students.

Management is committed to negotiating in good faith to resolve this contract as expeditiously as possible, without sacrificing the stability or integrity of our fine institution. We must resolve these issues completely and fairly so that we can get back to working together on what matters most – continuously enhancing the quality of education our students receive.