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Summer 2022 Cornhole Tournament

Overall wellness is again being featured this summer as we find ourselves in the throws of a cornhole competition.  What may have started out as a friendly game for some has become a serious rivalry for others.

Thank you all for participating in this summer’s cornhole tournament.  Congratulations to Josh and Barry for their perfect record and winning the tournament.




Attached you will find the final bracket.  The final standings were as follows:

5-0          Josh Myers & Barry Kinsey (Winner of the Winner Bracket & Overall Winner)
4-2          Janel Boss & Kevin Cooper
3-2          Scott Behrens & Gerald McCarty (Winner of Loser Bracket)
2-2          Allison Gallardo & Chris Gossett
2-2          Kojo Quartey & Peter Coomar
1-2          Sherry Bussell & Paul LaRoy
1-2          Kim Lindquist & Leon Letter
0-2          Linda Torbet & Bryan Rorke
0-2          Penny Dorcey & Andrew Munguia
0-2          Tracy Perry & Jarrod Saum


This Winter 2022 our Wellness initiative focused on presentations promoting the concept that balance is the key to wellbeing.  Presentations hosted by Monroe County Mental Health and MESSA included:

February 23rd – Heart Health Jeopardy
March 9th – Minimize Stress Using Mindfulness
March 30th - Rethink Your Drink
April 13th – Tips to Sleep Well and Move Well
April 27th – Nutrition Label Reading
May 11th – Good Nutrition for Good Health
May 25th – Diabetes Vocab

Employees who participated in all the sessions earned a heart monitor and those who missed only one or two sessions received a pedometer.

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