Institutional Research Request

To submit a request to the Office of Institutional Research for creation and administration of a survey or other data collection tool, please complete and return the Institutional Request Form according to the instructions.

Institutional Research Request Form

IR Requests must be submitted for all institutional data collection. Examples of institutional data collection include the following:

  • Any data collection effort to provide information to accreditation agencies or other internal/external requesters
  • Student learning, classroom, program, and other academic assessments
  • Surveys or data collection conducted among faculty, staff, students or other MCCC constituencies such as the Board of Trustees, alumni, community members, businesses, and other collaborators

If you wish to conduct scholarly research involving human subjects that is not for institutional purposes, please review the Institutional Review Board materials posted under the IR Mission Pillars tab on the left-hand menu.

If you have questions about scholarly research involving human subjects and/or institutional research, please contact the Coordinator of Institutional Research, Evaluation and Assessment:

Quri Wygonik
Director of Institutional Research, Planning and Accreditation
A-161 (Audrey M. Warrick Student Services/Administration Building)
Office: (734) 384-4237