Mission, Vision & Values

MCCC’s mission is a broad statement of our organizational scope, purposes and operation that distinguishes us from other colleges, universities and organizations. Our vision is a picture of the future we are working to create – what we want MCCC to become. And, even though we frequently talk about mission and vision first, the basic underlying foundation for both our mission and vision are MCCC’s core values. These values guide our attitudes and guide our behavior. 

Monroe County Community College enriches lives in our community by providing opportunity through student-focused, affordable, quality higher education and other learning experiences. 

MCCC accomplishes its mission through: 

  • Post-secondary pathways for students who plan to pursue further education
  • Occupational programs and certificates for students preparing for immediate employment upon completion
  • Curriculum developed by highly qualified faculty that prepares students to effectively communicate, think critically, and be socially and culturally aware
  • Comprehensive student support services
  • A wealth of opportunities for intellectual, cultural, personal and career enhancement  
  • Training and retraining to meet the needs of an evolving economy
  • Key partnerships to enhance educational services and opportunities

Monroe County Community College will be recognized for our student-focused service, academic excellence, affordability, innovation, community responsiveness and student success. 

These core values form our attitudes and guide our behavior:

  • Student-focus:  Execute student-centered decision making
  • Excellence: Offer high-quality educational opportunities, programs and services
  • Accessibility: Offer ease of access to educational opportunities, programs and services
  • Affordability: Provide affordable educational opportunities, programs and services
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Celebrate the individuality and diversity of our students, community, nation and world
  • Respect: Practice equity and mutual respect
  • Stewardship: Manage our resources with efficiency and integrity to ensure the long-term health of the college and infuse responsible, sustainable and transparent practices throughout all operations and programs
  • Outreach and Engagement: Advance a culture of engagement and collaboration
  • Relevance:  Offer relevant educational programs through innovation and responsiveness