Gender-inclusive Restrooms

Statement on Restroom Access at Monroe County Community College

Monroe County Community College is committed to building a diverse and inclusive campus and maintaining a safe working and learning environment. In terms of restroom access, single use/gender-inclusive restrooms are available in numerous facilities across MCCC’s campus, including three in the Campbell Academic Center and two each in Founders Hall, the Life Sciences Building and the Warrick Student Center, and the college is exploring options with respect to converting certain gender-specific restrooms to single use/gender-inclusive in the remaining buildings. Many individuals benefit from the convenience of accessible and single use/gender-inclusive restrooms, such as those with disabilities and companions of a different gender, families with small children, and transgender individuals. The single use/gender-inclusive restrooms are for anyone who prefers to use them, and the college supports the option of individuals to use the restroom that corresponds to their gender identity.

MCCC policies are consistent with state and federal law that transgender discrimination constitutes sex discrimination. MCCC’s Policy on Illegal Discrimination and Sexual Harassment (Policy 1.65) prohibits discrimination based on gender identity/expression.

In addition, the college’s Anti-Bullying Policy (Policy 1.72) protects transgender students/employees from bullying behavior by or against any member of the college community, whether student, employee, or guest. 

The college affirms that no one shall be discriminated against because of race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, age, gender, marital status, disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, height, weight, or veteran status. Any person experiencing harassment or discrimination should report the matter immediately in accordance with the college’s Procedures for Filing a Complaint of Illegal Discrimination or Sexual Harassment.  No employee or student will be disciplined for making a good faith complaint regarding illegal discrimination or sexual harassment nor will any retaliation for making a good faith complaint be tolerated.

Individuals with questions, requests or concerns regarding restroom access or complaints of illegal discrimination or sexual harassment may contact the college’s Compliance Officer/Executive Director of Human Resources.  The Office of Human Resources is located in the Student Services/Administration Building, phone (734) 384-4245.

Single-use/Gender Inclusive Restroom Locations:

Campbell Academic Center
Lower Level – Room 009, directly across the corridor from the Monroe County Middle College office suite and next to the elevator
First Floor – Room 109, directly across the corridor from the Storage/Receiving Room and next to the elevator
Second Floor – Room 216, directly across from the Room 215 classroom and next to the elevator

Founders Hall
East Wing – Room 119, directly across the corridor from the Ceramics Lab and in next to the men’s restroom
West Wing – Room 177, directly across the corridor from the Testing Center and next to the Electrical Room

Life Sciences Building
First Floor – Room 136, in between the men’s and women’s restrooms off the connecting corridor between the north and south wings
Second Floor – Room 228, in between the Janitor’s Closet and the women’s restroom off the central corridor across from the south stairs

Warrick Student Center
First Floor North Wing – Room 137a, off the lounge in the north corridor
First Floor South Wing – Room 191a directly across the corridor from the Safe Space