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Survival, living off the land, friendship

Creative Ideas:

  1. Make of list of what you would pack for a canoe trip like the one Wynn and Jack took.
  2. Research types of berries and mushrooms in your local area that are safe to eat.
  3. Research Andy Goldsworthy, the environmental sculptor Wynn likes. Why do think this artist meant so much to Wynn?
  4. Heller based the Cree village of Wapahk on the village of Peawanuck. Research Peawancuk and think about why he used this place in his story.
  5. Wynn talks about the Windigo. Do some research on the Windigo and other First Nations lore.
  6. Plan your dream canoe trip. Where would you go? What would you want to see along the way?
  7. Both Wynn and Jack love poetry and art. Find three poems and three art pieces that you think reflect their love of nature.
  8. Outline this story for a murder mystery podcast. What evidence would you give in each episode?
  9. Pretend the book is being made into a film and cast the movie.
  10. Pretend to interview Jack after the story is over. What ten questions would you ask him?

Discussion Questions:

See the official Reader’s Guide Discussion Questions from Penguin Random House here


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