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Online Learning Technology - Brightspace

When taking classes at MCCC, you will use Brightspace software. It’s an easy-to-use, flexible tool that you can use when and where it is best for you.  Brightspace is a Web-based system that can be accessed from any device that has an Internet connection. Brightspace is used for completely online classes, blended classes that have some meetings on-campus and other meetings online, and as a supplement to a traditional on-ground classes.

Brightspace Login Information

Students login to Brightspace using your MCCC email address and the same password you use for your email account.

Brightspace Tutorials

These tutorials will help you navigate some of the key aspects of the Brightspace learning management system.

Brightspace Community: 24-hour Help

You’ve got questions? Brightspace has answers. Get help from other users, Brightspace experts, blogs and FAQs, 24/7.

Student Email

All credit students are assigned a MCCC email account. It is recommended that students login to their MCCC email account frequently as this is the email address of record for students. For more information, please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at (734) 384-4255.

Student Email Log In

Online Learning: Student Support

The Office of eLearning and Instructional Support offers a variety of support services to MCCC students, specifically services related to using the college's learning management system, Brightspace.  Call (734) 384-4328 or email

Publisher Access Codes

Publisher Access Codes are used to allow students access to an e-textbook or other digital learning materials. Below are answers to frequently asked questions about these codes. For additional information about purchasing textbooks, eBooks and other course materials, visit the Campus Store/eCampus Online Bookstore.   


1.  What are access codes?
An access code is a multi-character code that functions as a key to gain access to an e-textbook or other digital learning materials. An access code may be supplied within a textbook bundle, a printed copy or in an email. An access code is typically used in Brightspace or on a specified website operated by either the e-textbook's publisher or a third-party platform (e.g., Labster, etc.).

2.  Are access codes required for my class?
In most cases, yes. If an access code is marked Required in the eCampus Online Bookstore, at least part of your grade will be related to and/or come from the online content. If an access code is marked Optional in the eCampus Online Bookstore, it generally means the material is supplementary to the lesson plan and will enhance your overall understanding of the course material.

3. How do I purchase publisher access codes?
You can purchase access codes through the eCampus Online Bookstore  To log in to the Online Bookstore, you will need your student email address and password for your student email account.  For email account assistanceplease contact the Testing Center Help Desk at (734)-384-4255, Information Systems Help Desk at (734)-384-4234 or follow this link further assistance navigating the eCampus Online Bookstore, please see the eCampus Instructions Document for step-by-step guidelines or contact the Campus Store at 734.384.4140. Once your purchase is complete, all digital material is available in the Digital Bookshelf in your eCampus Online Bookstore profile. Digital course materials are typically available within two hours of purchase.

4. What should I do once I have purchased my access code?
The best place to start is in your MCCC Brightspace course. Instructors typically post instructions for accessing their specific publisher materials within the course syllabus or in the Brightspace course "Content" area. For return purposes, it is strongly recommended that any digital content not be accessed until after you are sure that you will be continuing in the course. For a complete eCampus Online Bookstore return policy, please see

5.  Are there tutorials about using access codes?*
Below are several video tutorials for the most popular publishers:

*Always check first with your instructor or the course syllabus for specific instructions related to publisher content and registration. Also, check the Course Information Form for blended and online courses for any information related to your textbook and access code: 

6. Are you using Cengage Unlimited for any of your courses?

A single Cengage Unlimited access code can be used for multiple classes.  If you are taking several classes and see Cengage Unlimited as one of the options for a required text, you only need to purchase one code and it will provide access to all the materials for those courses.  In addition, a rental copy of any course materials is available at a cost of $7.99 through your Cengage profile.  Click on the “Purchase Options” tab.  You will have to provide your shipping address and the publisher will ship it directly to you.

7. Did you purchase a Pearson “combo” access code for a class?

For courses that offer a “combo” access card, this includes a free copy of the book that can be requested through your publisher profile.  Click on the “Purchase Options” tab and then select “Redeem a Prepaid Print Book”.  You will have to provide your shipping address and the publisher will ship it directly to you.

8.  What do I do if I have a problem with my access code?

All publishers have student tech support for their learning products. Below are links to the major publisher’s student support pages, as well as tips for working with publisher customer support:

Tips for contacting publisher customer support:  

  • Contact publishers at non-peak hours if possible (i.e., morning 8-11 a.m. or 2-4 p.m.). If possible, avoid calling at noon and 5 p.m. 
  • Be sure to get an incident ticket number from the publisher tech support representative. Write down your incident ticket number and have it available for follow up calls, if necessary, or to share with your instructor, MCCC e-Learning department, etc.  
  • When calling, chatting, etc. with a publisher tech support representative, be kind, but also be firm -- don’t leave the call, chat, etc. without them understanding your issue and providing some timeframe for follow-up or resolution.  
  • Don’t be afraid to ask to speak to a manager if you feel the publisher support person isn’t helping you.  
  • Don’t accept it if the publisher support person tells you the problem is with the college’s LMS (i.e., Brightspace). Again, don’t be afraid to ask to speak to a manager if you feel the support person isn’t helping you.

9. What are some of the typical issues with access codes?  

  • A student created their publisher account using a personal email (Tip: always use your MCCC college email account to create your publisher accounts).  
  • A student enters incorrect email address 
  • A student has an old publisher account using another college’s email

10. Where can I go at MCCC for assistance with my access code?
If you’re having an issue with your publisher access code, first check with your instructor. Next, you can visit the Student Success Center in Founders Hall for one-on-one assistance. Additionally, you can contact the e-Learning Help Desk at 734.384.4328 for additional assistance.

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