Class Types (Modalities)

There are three types of classes (modalities) offered at MCCC. 

Online (L) are asynchronous learning with no on-campus requirement and no specific meeting time

Face-to-face are synchronous and all students are required to come to camps for all scheduled class times. Meeting time and location will be listed. 

Blended (B) are a combination of synchronous and asynchronous with some online/virtual component. Students may be required to meet at some or all scheduled class times, face-to-face on campus or remotely, such as in a virtual classroom. Students must be available to meet during the scheduled times as directed by the instructor. Meeting times will be listed in all cases, location will only be listed if all/some part of the learning will take place on campus rather than via Zoom, Teams or other online format. 

If you are registering for an online or blended course for the first time at MCCC, you must also complete the Online Orientation (ONL-001) prior to the start of the semester. You will be automatically enrolled into the Online Orientation within 5 days of registering in your online course(s). Failure to complete the required Online Orientation may result in de-registration from your online courses. Please contact the eLearning and Instructional Support Office at 734.384.4328 or for more information.

Class Modalities Beginning Fall 2024

Students should visit the e-Learning area of the website if there are questions regarding blended and/or online class formats. 

Students are expected to regularly check their MCCC email account for important details and changes regarding classes.