Classroom Expectations

No doubt you’re wondering what college classes will be like and may even be a little nervous. Classes at MCCC are generally small (25-30 students). You’ll get to know your professors and they will get to know you. And, surely you’ll want to make a good impression. Following these suggestions will get you started in the right direction:

  • Be on time or even early then find a seat in the “T” zone of the classroom (front few rows or center) so you can see the professor and he/she can see you. You will be getting a syllabus on your first day which will list assignments, exam dates, attendance and classroom policies, grading scale, textbooks, etc. Please note, the college does not have a campus-wide grading or attendance policy, but your professor will have one. 
  • Be prepared and organized. You’ll likely be taking notes on the very first day of class. It will also help to read the material before each class so you are familiar with what is being taught.
  • Go to class! Some professors won’t take attendance, but in other classes, your grade might be affected if you miss too many classes. If you do have to miss a class, ask a classmate for work or notes. Don’t ask the professor if you missed anything important – it’s all important! 
  • Ask questions and communicate with your professor. Let him or her know if you don’t understand something.
  • Get to know someone in class. You may need to borrow notes or may want someone to study with.
  • Turn off your cell phone!
  • Don’t text or surf the web during class (unless it’s part of the class)!

Study Recommendations

A good general rule of thumb for planning your study time is to set aside two hours for every hour you’re in class per week. Try not to get behind! It is very difficult to play catch up once you’ve gotten behind.