Game Design and Development

MCCC Game Design

Curriculum/Degree Requirements

This associate of applied science degree will provide students with the foundational skills for game design and development..

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this program will be prepared for entry-level employment in the following areas:

  • Level designer
  • Game programmer
  • Asset developer
  • Independent game developer


Upon completion of the program students will be able to:  

  • Demonstrate fundamental knowledge of gaming and computing  
  • Demonstrate ability to contribute to design, develop and promote a game  Identify and Use Industry Standard Applications in Game Design and Development  
  • Demonstrate the ability to program using industry standard software 
  • Demonstrate the ability to create graphical assets using industry standard digital graphics software  
  • Demonstrate the ability to design for various operating systems and formats 
  • Work effectively in teams to solve complex problems 
  • Apply principles of game design and development to generate a portfolio  
  • Demonstrate an understanding of computing principles related to programming, graphics and environments and how they relate to game design and development

Game Design and Development Contact Information

Zackary Moore

Instructor of Computer Information Systems
Phone Icon (734) 384-4149
Building / Office IconW-166