Renewable Energy Technology

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is one of the fastest growing industries in Michigan and the U.S. Michigan is poised to become a major force in renewable energy technologies, with jobs ranging from entry level assembly, production and installation to technician-level maintenance, support and operation. Career opportunities within the field are also emerging in technical sales and marketing, office and business management, and engineering design. Renewable energy jobs require special knowledge and training that is just becoming available because the industry is so new and continues to evolve so rapidly. The job market is made up of both large multi-national companies that typically require apprenticeships or formal degrees, as well as a significant number of smaller family-owned and operated businesses and service providers. These smaller contractors represent opportunities for people who have acquired the proper skills to find useful work at reasonable pay. 

The renewable energy field is expected to create major job growth during the next several years, and demand for trained qualified individuals is expected to remain high. These are well-paying technical jobs that cannot be exported overseas. 

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