Incident Reporting & Reports

Incident Reporting

The College asks that all criminal actions, suspected criminal actions, accidents, or unusual incidents be reported immediately. If you are a student, this can be done in a variety of ways, through your instructor if you are a student, at the Switchboard/Information window located in the A building directly in front of the Admissions and Guidance Services and Registrar area, or the office of the Vice President of Student and Information Services. If you are an employee, this can be done through your supervisor.

In cases of emergency, the College's Switchboard Operator (-0- from any campus phone) should be contacted immediately. The Switchboard Operator will directly contact Campus Security. If the switchboard is closed, assistance can be requested by dialing 911 from a pay phone. No money is needed. You may also use any red emergency phone located on campus and dial "911" or "0".

Crime Incident Report Form - Staff Use Only

2014-2015 Incident Reports
There were no security incident reports for the month of June.

Hard copies of the reports are available in the Office of Student and Information Services, please call 734-384-4316.