Summer Financial Aid

Important Information About Summer Financial Aid


There is an annual limit on the amount of Pell Grant and Direct Stafford loans a student may receive during the award year. A student’s Summer financial aid eligibility is contingent upon how much financial aid the student has already received during the Fall and Winter semesters, as well as the number of credit hours the student is enrolled for during the Summer period. 

If a student is eligible for Pell Grant funds during the Summer term, the award letter will show the maximum amount of funding remaining for the award year. The actual amount a student will receive, though, may be different than what is shown on this award letter, based on the student’s total enrolled credit hours during the Summer term. Refer to the Pell Grant chart on our website to determine Pell Grant eligibility based on credit hours. 

If you used 100% of your annual Pell Grant allocation during the Fall/Winter (because you were enrolled full-time in both the Fall and Winter semesters), you must be enrolled at least ½ time (a minimum of 6 credit hours) in Summer to receive additional Pell Grant funds through the year-round Pell Grant eligibility rules.  If you drop classes in Summer, this may jeopardize your eligibility for funding!

Students must be enrolled for a minimum of six credit hours to be eligible to borrow a Direct Stafford loan during the Summer term. If this is your first time borrowing a student loan at any college and your grade level is a first-year undergraduate at MCCC, your funds will not be disbursed any earlier than thirty days after the start of the semester.

One semester loans: If you are taking out a loan for only one semester, your loan will be split into two disbursements, with 50% of your funds being disbursed a the mid-point of the semester. Students who are interested in borrowing loans for the Summer term should come to the Financial Aid Office to complete a paper Summer loan request form.


Students who have been awarded the MCCC Presidential or MCCC Performing Music Scholarship may be eligible to use these funds to pay for Summer courses. For the first year of the scholarship, the student is eligible to use the scholarship to pay for Summer classes. 

For the second year of the scholarship, the student’s scholarship can only be used to pay for Summer classes if the Summer classes are required for the student to earn an associate’s degree from MCCC.

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