Test Accommodations

Disability Services coordinates all test accommodations for students with disabilities in credit and non-credit classes.  To request a test accommodation in a class, a student must first be registered with Disability Services and have acceptable documentation on file. Prior to each semester, students need to contact a disability services counselor to review their approved accommodations and provide a signature authorizing release of information to their instructors.

When to Submit a Reservation

A test accommodation reservation should be submitted to the Disability Services Office at least three business days prior to the date of the exam/quiz for which an accommodation is requested.  If this deadline is not met, the student may not be able to test in the Testing Center. Please contact a Disability Services Counselor to discuss other options if you have submitted a late request.



  • Extended time applies to timed tests (including quizzes) as indicated on the approved accommodation notification.
  • For timed online tests, instructors should extend the time in Brightspace to reflect the student's extended time.
  • "Take home" refers to tests that are assigned and then sent home with the student for a length of time so they can work on it as needed, essentially creating an "untimed" test. Timed, online tests taken remotely are not considered "take home".


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