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Numerous MCCC departments work in coordination with external vendors to support Monroe County Community College to serve its goals and initiatives. You could be one of them. The Monroe County Community College Auxiliary Services and Purchasing Department is responsible for the procurement of all equipment, services, materials and supplies utilized by the MCCC campus. 

MCCC purchasing operations strive to do the following: 

  • Support the mission of the college by following institutional objectives and procedures
  • Obtain the maximum value for each dollar expended
  • Provide proper documentation for selection, acquisition and receipt of all purchasing transactions
  • Encourage competition among vendors through negotiation, price quotes and competitive bidding
  • Maintain satisfactory relationships with external suppliers and internal consumers
  • Extend equal privileges to vendors without regard to the geographic location of their business
  • Create a working climate that produces and demands fairness and honesty

Interested in doing business with MCCC? Get in touch with the Auxiliary Services and Purchasing Department by calling (734) 384-4274.

MCCC is exempt from all state and federal taxes. Each purchase order issued makes reference to this tax exempt status. Invoices should not include tax.

All deliveries are to be made directly to Shipping and Receiving, unless otherwise noted on the purchase order. MCCC will not accept liability for goods and services ordered and/or shipped to the college without an approved purchase order.

Sealed bids will be required for purchases exceeding $20,000. In addition to the sealed bid requirement, a bid bond, cashier’s check or certified check in the amount of five percent of the bid shall be required for construction projects estimated to exceed $50,000. For purchases requiring sealed bids, the following regulations apply: 

  • Specifications shall be drawn in such a manner that legitimate suppliers shall not be eliminated from competition.
  • Bids shall be opened and read in public, at the time and place specified on the request for bid. 
  • Bids received after the specified time for bid opening, shall be returned to the vendor unopened.
  • Award of the bid shall be made to the supplier whose product serves the best interest of the college.
  • The college has the right to reject any or all bids. 

Deviations from the above sealed bid regulations shall require the approval of the college president and/or the Board of Trustees.

After items have been delivered or services performed, invoices can be sent to:

Monroe County Community College
Accounts Payable
1555 S. Raisinville Road 
Monroe, MI 48161

Contact Information

Auxiliary Services And Purchasing Department


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