WebPal / Registration

Webpal LogoAs a student at MCCC you will use myWebPAL to plan your courses in advance, monitor your progress toward graduation, view your grades, drop classes, add yourself to a waitlist for a full class, review available classes  in the Course Schedule, change contact or other information for the college, request transcripts and more.

If you have already applied to MCCC, you have been assigned a WebPAL user ID. It is usually your first initial and last name (i.e. Mary Smith = msmith). Sometimes a number is added to avoid duplicate user ID's (i.e. msmith10523). To find your user ID, click on "What's My WebPAL User ID?" on the WebPAL home page. 

Your initial password is your six-digit birthdate (i.e. January 1, 1970 = 010170. After logging on the first time, WebPAL will ask you to change your password. If you can't remember your password, click on "What's My Password?" on the WebPAL home page, then choose "Reset my password." If you have an e-mail address on file, WebPAL will send you a new password.

Refer to and download the myWebPAL Student Planning and Registration Guide (PDF) for more information and instructions for planning courses, registering for classes, accessing class schedules, view grades, request transcripts and more.