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Steps to Enroll for New Students

Admissions and Guidance Services

Prior to the first session of classes, new students are introduced to the college through an orientation program. During this program, students are acquainted with the philosophy of the college, its physical facilities, educational opportunities, administrative procedures, student services and co-curricular activities. All students attending MCCC for the first time are encouraged to attend a new student orientation program.

MCCC admits students with a variety of backgrounds to its diverse instructional programs. The purpose of counseling is to help students become better decision makers, formulate realistic educational and vocational goals and develop more effective personal skills. The college supports a counseling program that is comprehensive in its service and is staffed by professional counselors. These services are available to all students whether enrolled on a full-time or part-time basis. Students are not assigned to a specific college counselor. If students wish to avail themselves of the counseling services, they should make an appointment in the Admissions and Guidance Office. Students enrolled at the Whitman Center can make an appointment at the Whitman Center.

Educational Counseling
Help may be needed in dealing with issues that interfere with college studies. An objective listener can often help unscramble ideas which need to be brought into clear focus. Whether a student is simply in need of information or whether he or she needs to gain better self-understanding, a counselor can assist.

Career Counseling
The professional counselors in the Admissions and Guidance Office can help you obtain the decision-making skills necessary to organize the knowledge of values, interests and opportunities necessary to select a career.

Testing Services
Many decisions require objective data. Career inventories can often assist in the process of acquiring this data. MCCC offers, free of charge, various career inventories to students (and other members of the community). Inventories are available that measure personality characteristics and career interests.

Online Career Center
Visit their web site.

During the initial counseling interview, a program of study for a certificate, associate degree or the first two years of a four-year degree will be developed with the assistance of a college couselor in the Admissions and Guidance Office. Prior to the second semester, a faculty advisor will be assigned to each new student based on the student's declared major. Each student is encouraged to meet with the faculty advisor to discuss educational goals and course scheduling.