Implicit Bias: Reducing Racial Disparities Through Understanding

Wednesday, Aug 26

9:00 am to 11:00 am
Admission: $49.00

Diversity and acceptance has taken on a new importance in the world today. To effectively support diversity in our daily lives, we must understand and confront our own unconscious biases.  Participants of this 2-hour training will learn how to define and understand implicit and explicit bias and how to overcome these biases to help create a more diverse world at work and at home. They will be instructed to use skills such as active listening to receive messages in a diverse population, employ effective questioning techniques, and communicate with strength.  Participants will also learn to use strategies for removing barriers and stereotypes on a personal level, in their communities and in their workplace.

Participants will learn to:

  • Understand the definition, terms and history of implicit/explicit bias
  • Describe the meaning of stereotypes and biases, how they develop, and the reasons for your own perspectives
  • Enact strategies for removing barriers to encouraging diversity for yourself, in the workplace, and in the social community
  • Understand the scientific research on unconscious bias and its negative influence in the workplace and in society.
  • Commit to taking at least one action to mitigate the influence of unconscious bias and ways to hold oneself and others accountable.
  • Use active listening skills to receive messages in a diverse population, employ effective questioning techniques, and communicate with strength
  • Identify ways to encourage diversity and prevent and discourage discrimination
  • Understand and respond to personal complaints and develop a support system to manage the resolution process

The instructor is Mr. Ben Negron, who is an accomplished trainer in the topics of cultural diversity, coaching, communication, conflict resolution, and customer service.  Ben also led the most recent community conversation “An Honest Conversation About Racism: Call to Action” hosted by Monroe County Community College.

When:             Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Time:               9:00 to 11:00 am

Where:            Virtually via Teams

Cost:               $49 for the first registration and $29 subsequent registrations from the same organization

To register please contact Renee Drouillard at or (734) 384-4229.


Bias training image