“I cannot tell you how much it means to me to be chosen for this award. I work very hard in school and to have my efforts rewarded in this manner is an honor. Moreover, the message this sends to my young daughter is priceless. She has had the opportunity to see that hard work pays off and is recognized by others in a most prestigious way...Thank you for helping to fulfill my dream of a higher education.”

– MCCC Scholarship Recipient 

The Foundation at MCCC's Scholarship Program awards financial support to students who might otherwise not have the opportunity to pursue higher education. Due to the generosity of our donors, these students gain access to high-quality education that will prepare them for the workforce or to transfer to a four-year college or university with little or no debt. 

To learn how you can establish a new scholarship or contribute to an existing scholarship program, click the link below:


MCCC Scholarship FundingThe Foundation offers nearly $250,000 in private scholarships to MCCC students every year. When combined with other scholarships provided by MCCC, the total scholarships available to MCCC students exceeds $775,000. The Foundation helps more students each year thanks to the growth in our scholarship program, doubling the amount of scholarship support made available since 2012.  

Scholarship Funding GrowthThe Foundation is proud to offer a robust endowed scholarship program, currently consisting of 59 separate endowments, with several endowments generating multiple scholarships each year. This portfolio has realized substantial growth over the past several years with the corpus double what it was in 2011.

The following policies guide the management and distribution of our scholarships.  

“Education was something they had both desperately wanted in their lives, wanted it for their children, and knew that it was a way to a better life. Neither of them had ‘a guardian angel’ in their lives. They had to literally pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. This was a way to give someone else a helping hand." 

– Marilyn Raymond, daughter of Helen M. and Eugene W. Beach 

Scholarships carry forward important legacies. These are the people who left their mark and gave generously to ensure a better future for our students.

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