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The Global Studies Degree Designation is a co-curricular program with a mission dedicated to providing students opportunities to enhance their global knowledge, awareness, and perspective in a variety of disciplines and prepare them for citizenship in an increasingly globally connected world.

Most of the requirements of the Global Studies Degree Designation can be met while the student pursues their chosen degree requirements as stated in their chosen degree program or transfer guidelines. Students accomplish this by selecting courses from an approved list of satisfier courses offered from multiple disciplines to meet their graduation, departmental and distribution course requirements, in addition to selecting elective courses to fulfill the Global Studies Degree Designation program course requirements. Courses that meet these requirements are designated in the MCCC College Catalog as a satisfier course for the Global Studies Degree Designation. The remaining requirements are completed through activities approved by the Global Studies Coordinator.

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Students who complete the Global Studies Degree Designation will be able to:

  • Demonstrate awareness of global cultures, issues, processes, trends, or systems.
  • Explain global issues from multiple perspectives and world views.
  • Participate in international experiences, interactions, activities, or events related to global cultures or issues.

Refer to this checklist for the requirements for the Global Studies Degree Designation.



The application for the Global Studies Degree Designation should be completed by the student’s advisor and signed by the student upon completion of the designation requirements.


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