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MCCC Global Studies

The Global Studies Degree Designation is a campus-wide opportunity for you to gain knowledge about global issues and multicultural influences – all while pursuing the degree of your choice.

Most of the requirements of the Global Studies Degree Designation can be met while pursuing your major, as stated in the chosen program or transfer area guidelines.  This is accomplished by selecting particular courses to meet graduation, departmental and distribution course requirements in addition to selecting particular Global Studies elective courses.  Courses that meet these requirements are designated in the college Catalog as “Global Studies” courses. 

To complete the requirements for the Global Studies Degree Designation, students must also take a Global Studies Orientation Course (one credit); meet with a Global Studies advisor; participate in at least three extra-curricular Global Studies activities and compose a global/international résumé.

Want to travel and see the world while getting college credit?

Students who complete the Global Studies Degree Designation will be able to:

  • Articulate international trends and issues
  • Appreciate and understand international cultures outside their own
  • Communicate effectively with individuals from international cultures outside their own
  • Explore how globalization affects their individual field of study
  • Attain awareness of how global growth will impact their world

Refer to this checklist for the requirements for the Global Studies Degree Designation.



The application for the Global Studies Degree Designation should be completed by the student’s advisor and signed by the student upon completion of the designation requirements.


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