Monroe County Community College recently honored the following students and student organizations for their achievements during the last two academic years (2019-20 and 2020-21) -- a virtual reception was held to recognize students and organizations for both years.

Below is a list of the awards and those honored:

Faculty Association Outstanding Student Award

The 2020 Faculty Association Outstanding Student Award recipients were Austin Kipfmiller and Abigail Lancaster. Other nominees for the 2020 Outstanding Student Award included Kyle Haener, K. Erich Laird, Todd Salisbury, Sabrina K. Hawkins and Abigail Nisley.

The 2021 Faculty Association Outstanding Student Award recipient was Brittanie Buck. Other nominees for the 2021 Outstanding Student Award included Lauren Werlinger, Sidney Collino and Soraya Corcoran.

Outstanding Social Science Student Award

Abby Nisley (2020) and Autumn Palmer (2021)

Outstanding Computer Information Systems Student

Nickolas Cerrone (2021)

Outstanding Accounting Students

Paula Ackerman (2020) and Paula Cromer (2021)

Outstanding Agriculture Student Award

Nick Beaudrie (2020) and Grace Herkimer (2021)

All-USA Academic Team Nominees

Luke Greiser (2020), Brittanie Bruck (2021) and Payton Bucki (2021)

Outstanding Nursing Student Awards

Emily Eleniewski (December 2019), Terri Hammill (May 2020), Alek Byerly (December 2020), Kristen Burns (May 2021) and Paige Fowler (May 2021)

Spirit of Nursing Awards

Brooke Lambrix (December 2019), Tori Peitz (May 2020), Amanda Bates (December 2020) and Julie Hagerman (May 2021)

Excellence in Practical Nursing Awards

Kayla Parrish (2019) and Pam Hastings (2021)

Practical Nursing Student Peer Recognition Awards

Kayla Parrish (2019) and Shelby Pratt (2021)

Outstanding Respiratory Therapy Student Awards

Brittney Rankin (2020) and Natalie Castle (2021)

Honors Conference and Student Showcase Awards

-- Graduated Fall 2020: Allison Belisle and Kaylee Smith

-- Graduated Winter 2021: Payton Bucki, MacKenzie Bucki, Emily Niemann, Chelsea Peterson and Olivia Pulcifer

2020 Outstanding Welding Student Awards

Kyle Haener and K. Erich Laird

2020 Outstanding Electrical Engineering Student Award

Jonathan Turek

Excellence in Journalism Awards

Carla Cohen (2020), Juliet Jefts (2020), Abbie Lancaster (2020), Jerry Meade (2020), Gracyn Wener (2020), Cole Younglove (2020), Noah Black (2021) and Jerry Meade (2021)

Outstanding Journalism Awards

Noah Black (2020), Abby Nisley (2020), Todd Salisbury (2020) and Lauren Werlinger (2021)

Outstanding Freshman Chemistry Awards

Brittanie Bruck (2020) and Sajan Shah (2021)

2020 Outstanding Organic Chemistry Award

Trey Henderson

Outstanding Early Childhood Education Student Awards

Kelsey Steinseifer (Fall 2019), Ashlie Heller (Winter 2020), Krista Houke (Fall 2020) and Victoria Rorke (Winter 2021)

2020 Outstanding Mathematics Student Awards

Noah Douglas, Matthew Michels, Brett Ortolano and Maribeth Mohn

President’s Academic Achievement Awards

Makenna Baldwin (2020), Phong Huu Le (2020), Paul Hartwig (2020), Nickolas Cerrone (2021), Tyler Gordon (2021), Ethan Harbaugh (2021), Elizabeth Notario (2021), Corey Pierce (2021) and James Ramsey (2021)

Outstanding Humanities Student Awards

Abby Nisley (2020) and Emilee Breitner (2021)

The George Rhodes Writing Fellow Awards

Noah Black (2020), Sidney Collino (2021), and Brittanie Bruck (2021)

2020 Dr. Ronald Campbell Student Government Awards

Seth Collins and McKenzie Lamour


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