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Curriculum/Degree Requirements Graphic Design: Digital Media

Curriculum/Degree Requirements Graphic Design: Illustration

Monroe County Community College’s associate of applied science degree in graphic design enables students to obtain a broad introduction to the concepts and techniques used in the field of graphic design. The associate of applied science degree has two concentrations: digital media and illustration. Students in the digital media concentration will explore the fundamentals of design, creation of graphical assets, publication design, three-dimensional design and time-based media using industry-standard software. Students in the illustration concentration will explore the digital media concepts with a focus on art history and traditional art fundamentals.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all degree requirements, graduates of this program should be able to:

  • Display technical knowledge and skills in drawing and composition applying principles of design, color, visual space, layout, topography, and technique to create effective visual communication.
  • Communicate ideas, vision, and design strategy in a professional and articulate manner using visual, oral and/or written communication skills.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use creative thought processes, listening and reading skills, planning, and principles of visual communication in conjunction with software application tools to meet a client’s design need to communicate the intended message to the designated target audience. 
  • Complete various digital media design elements and projects for print, web and other forms of distribution such as DVD or broadcast media while demonstrating the ability to meet deadlines, work independently and/or as part of a team to create professional quality work and while adhering to professional ethics, legal guidelines and copyright law.  
  • Evaluate and critique digital media designs and projects (including their own designs and projects) in a professional and articulate manner using oral and/or written communication skills.    
  • Produce a body of work suitable for seeking employment opportunities or transfer opportunities to a four year university in graphic design or related field.

Graphic Design: Stackable Certificates

Graphic Design: Computer Graphics, Basic Certificate

​​​​​Graphic Design: Digital Media, Basic Certificate

Graphic Design: Digital Media, Certificate

Graphic Design: Illustration, Basic Certificate

Graphic Design: Illustration, Certificate

Graphic Design: Interaction Design, Basic Certificate

Graphic Design: Interaction Design, Certificate

Monroe County Community College’s “stackable” certificates in graphic design enable students to obtain a broad introduction into the concepts and techniques used in the field. These certificates can be “stacked” and applied toward additional certificates and/or an associate of applied science degree in graphic design.

Transfer Information

For information regarding transfer opportunities for this, or any program, please go to our Transfer page. 

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