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How to Start a Club

Students interested in starting a club on MCCC's campus should contact the Dean of Student Success by calling (734) 384-4183 or

Student Clubs

Current Status: Active

The mission of the Art Club at MCCC is to enrich the student body and community through art expression and art education.

Art Club
Advisor: Therese O’Halloran

Current Status: Active

To create a loving, Christ-centered community that is active on the college campus.

To create an atmosphere where the message of Jesus can be shared at the college with gentleness and respect.

To celebrate, study and explore the biblical scriptures and apply them to our lives.

To be transformed to look, act and speak more like Jesus through events, Bible studies and acts of service to others on the college campus, to the greater Monroe community and beyond.

The club meets Monday afternoons 2:30-3:30pm in the La-Z-Boy Atrium. 

MCCC Christ Centered Community (MC6)
Advisor: Tim Curry

Current Status: Active

The purpose of the Criminal Justice Club is to promote and increase interest in criminal justice as it pertains to the interest of the club members. It assists club members in career growth and job searches and will helps expand knowledge of the criminal justice system. Members participate in activities that promote justice and increase awareness and knowledge.

Criminal Justice Club
Advisor: Daniel Wood


Current Status: Inactive

The purpose of the Drama Club is to identify and unify students who enjoy theater arts and provide outlets for further exploration and involvement into many creative and definitive branches from classical to modern, stimulating and fostering a greater understanding and zealous attitude towards arts advocacy and networking.  

Current Status: Inactive

The purpose of the Monroe County Community College Educators for Change Association is to provide students with an educational and social support organization that promotes opportunities to develop leadership and networking skills in the field of education. The Educators for Change Association will raise awareness for the needs of young children and their families in the county, providing opportunities for members to assist and support organizations that serve them. 

Current Status: Inactive

The purpose of the eSports club is to give MCCC students the ability to play video games with other MCCC students in a controlled environment.  This will allow students the opportunity to get to know other students on campus, as well as test their skills in their favorite video games.  Students will also be able to have friendly competitions with one another in different games.  This club will allow MCCC to enter the growing world of eSports as well as give our students a place to relax and have fun while playing video games.

Current Status: Inactive

The purpose of the Monroe County Community College Collegiate Farm Bureau Club is to advocate for agriculture on campus, within the community and with the Michigan Farm Bureau to educate and promote the policies, goals and purposes of the American Farm Bureau Federation.  It is designed to bring together agriculture students and engage them in educational activities that will enhance their future and build awareness of the industry. The group offers opportunities to students in leadership development and citizenship engagement, enhancing career opportunities, community service and professional networking. 

Current Status: Inactive

Gabby’s Ladder Student Club facilitates grief support groups and activities with MCCC students who are experiencing the loss of a loved one and living through the grief process. This club provides guiding steps and loving support in a safe place to grieving students as they move step-by-step through grief and find their way to healing. 

Current Status: Active

The mission of the Gender & Sexuality Alliance of Monroe County Community College is to provide a strong, supportive community on campus to increase tolerance and to provide resources to LGBTQ students and those wishing to learn more about LGBTQ issues and culture. Our main goal is to break down the barriers of stereotypes and misconceptions of the LGBTQ community. The club is open to ALL open-minded students and community members, including straight allies. We hold events all year long at the Main Campus. 

Gay Straight Alliance
Advisor Melissa Grey
Advisor: Jenna Bazzell
(734) 384-4295


Current Status: Active

The purpose of the Intramural Sports Club will be to enrich campus life and the academic experience by providing both competitive and recreational opportunities in any sport chosen by the club for any student who would like to participate.  

Intramural Sports Club
Advisor: Kojo Quartey
(734) 384-4166

Current Status: Inactive

The Lambda Alpha Nu Club is designed to promote leadership, social interaction, enhance career experience, develop networks and promote teamwork.  

Current Status: Active

The mission of the Student Library Advisory Club (SLAC) is to promote library programs, reading, and information literacy to MCCC students and to enrich lives in the community through library events such as a Student Book Club. This club aims to include student voices and decisions in the library’s events and collection.

Student Library Advisory Club (SLAC)
Advisor: Eliabeth Hartig
(734) 384-4162 

Current Status: Active

The mission of the MCCC Multicultural Student Association is to cultivate a vibrant, inclusive community on campus that fosters cultural awareness, acceptance, and appreciation. We seek to celebrate and embrace our differences while promoting dialogue and understanding among diverse cultures and experiences.

Multicultural Student Association
Advisor: Nancy Lucero
(734) 384-4226


Current Status: Active

Phi Theta Kappa is an international honor society for two-year colleges. Membership in Phi Theta Kappa is by invitation to all students who achieve a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 and have earned at least 12 semester hours at MCCC. Designated scholarships for members, totaling $36 million, are offered by about 600 four-year colleges and universities.

Phi Theta Kappa
Advisor: Gerald McCarty
(734) 384-4183

Another 18 members were inducted to PTK in 2022. MCCC's PTK chapter was chartered on January 14, 1969, with four members. Since that time,  over 2000 MCCC students have become members of PTK. 

Phi Theta Kappa 2022 inductees

Current Status: Active

The purpose of the Psychology Interest Group is to provide an empowering community in which students interested in psychology may enhance their leadership, educational and/or career pursuits together; to expand member’s knowledge of the functions and workings of fields in psychology; to provide resources to any member who needs assistance in the area of psychology study or career growth; to provide experience that enriches the study outside the classroom; to provide non-academic and/or community based opportunities to engage in the applications of psychology, and to promote an increase interests in psychology on campus. 

Psychology Interest Group
Advisor: Patrick Wise
Advisor Melissa Grey

Current Status: Active

Open to all students who have been accepted to the Respiratory Therapy Program.. 

Raspatory Therapy Student Organization (Even Cohort)
Advisor: Angela Prush

Raspatory Therapy Student Organization (Odd Cohort)
Advisor: Kayla Ford
(734) 384-4103

Current Status: Inactive

The mission of the MCCC Robotics Club is to promote robotics and STEM Education to current and future MCCC students, to support the robotics program at MCCC and enrich the lives in the community through community service activities. 

Student GovernmentCurrent Status: Active

MCCC Student Government provides an opportunity for students to have their voice heard around the campus. By supporting student organizations and planning exciting campus activities, MCCC Student Government works to create a fun atmosphere that fosters a community feeling among students. Participation in these types of organizations and activities can be a great way to develop leadership skills and enhance the college experience. 

Student Government Association (SGA)
Advisor: Scott Behrens

Current Status: Active

Open to all students who have been accepted into the Nursing program. 

Student Nurse Association
Advisor: Dawn Lymond
(734) 384-4266


Student Organizations

Current Status: Active

The Agora is primarily an online publication. The publication is produced by MCCC students enrolled in the journalism classes under the guidance of a faculty adviser and student editors. Often the recipient of state awards, the Agora reports on school events and other issues of interest to the college community. Students interested in getting involved with the Agora should contact Matthew Bird-Meyer at (734) 384-4288

Visit The Agora Web site

The mission of the Ambassadors is to provide MCCC with student leaders who will participate in an official capacity at special events throughout the year. Student Ambassadors will promote the college by reaching out to prospective students, conducting campus tours, speaking to business leaders and civic groups, and by helping to welcome new students to campus. 


The Agora Chorale is a mixed ensemble comprised of singers from the community and the college. The Chorale presents concerts, no less than two each semester, both on and off campus. For more information, contact Jonathan Lunneberg at

The College/Community Symphony Band is open to instrumentalists having previous music experience. Membership includes college students and citizens from the community. The band performs for college functions and concerts, as well as for community programs. Admission is by application and audition to the director. For more information, contact Mark Felder at (734) 735-5462.

The purpose of the Ballroom Dance  is to form a social dance club with a fun and inviting atmosphere where students of any ability and age can confidently learn and practice a variety of ballroom steps and styles that promote physical fitness, musicality, cultural awareness, manners and proper etiquette. Please contact Kellie Lajiness at


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