Foundation By-Laws & Policies

Bylaws - Articles I - XIV

1.05 Article I, Name
1.10 Article II, Definitions
1.15 Article III, Purpose
1.20 Article IV, Foundation Headquarters
1.25 Article V, Board Of Directors
1.25(A) Procedure On Nomination Of Group Three Directors
1.30 Article VI, Officers
1.35 Article VII, Committees
1.40 Article VIII, Execution Of Documents
1.45 Article IX, Duto Of Loyalty And Conflict Of Interest
1.50 Article X, Indemnification
1.55 Article XI, Dissolution
1.60 Article XII, Compensation And Fees
1.65 Article XIII, Amendments And Miscellaneous Provisions
1.70 Article XIV, Savings Provisions And Preservation Of Tax Exempt Status
1.80 Articles Of Incorporation
1.90 Mission, Vision, And Values Statement

Administration - 2.00

2.01 Fiscal Year
2.02 Giving Levels Policy
2.02(A) Procedure On Giving Levels
2.03 Naming Opportunities

Finance And Business - 3.00

3.01 Designated Depositories For The Foundation Funds
3.02 Endowment Policy
3.03 Investment Policy
3.04 Receipt Of Gifts Policy
3.05 Annual Report
3.06 Distribution Of Endowment Earnings
3.06(A) Procedure On Distribution Of Endowment Earnings
3.06(B) Procedure On Endowment Management
3.07 Information Security Policy
3.07(A) Procedure On Information Security
3.08 Charitable Gift Annuity Policy

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