MCCC Happenings Newsletter December 2022

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December 2022

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Upcoming Events

MCCC has a number of events coming up; check them out at the link below.

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Winter Semester Classes Begin Jan. 6

Registration is in full swing. So, if you need to add or change classes, there is still time, but act soon because rosters are filling up fast!



FINANCIAL AID,, (734) 384-4135

REGISTRATION,,(734) 384-4108

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Deciding Whether to be a Full- or Part-time Student

Students in class

College is an investment. Students use their time and their money to pursue higher education, so it’s important that they make the right decisions when choosing their path. 

Many students must work while going to college, so going to school full time is not always an option. But it does have its advantages, so if it is possible, students should consider full-time enrollment.

Being a full-time student and taking classes every semester -- not "stopping out" -- opens the door for a plethora of scholarship opportunities for students and also speeds up graduation and employment in their field of choice.

Going full time also can ease the process of paying back student loans. Taking breaks in between semesters allows interest to collect and money to go to waste. Longer breaks can result in having to start loan repayment before completing a degree. And, the quicker a student gets into their chosen career field, the quicker they can establish themselves financially.

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Benefits of Joining a Student Club

Two students reviewing a paper

Belonging to a student club or organization has many personal, social and professional benefits. They can help students:

  • Find/build a community, network, make friends and meet new people.
  • Enhance communication skills, promote the development of creative thinking and learn how to work effectively with others.
  • Develop a sense of unity and teamwork.
  • Hone social skills, as student clubs are usually made up of a diverse set of students who share common interests.  
  • Discover more about themselves.
  • Develop leadership, marketing and fundraising skills.

Students who participate in clubs or organizations can show future employers they have initiative, leadership skills and ambition -- all traits that look great on a resume. When interviewing for jobs, employers will be looking for leadership skills. Student clubs give students responsibility and help them become more independent.

Check out all of MCCC clubs and organizations at

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Help Student Government Give a Kid a Christmas

Help Student Government Give a Kid a Christmas Graphic with Presents

Give a Kid a Christmas is a nonprofit program that gives members of our community who are in need the opportunity to have a better Christmas. Groups like MCCC Student Government, who are looking to spread holiday cheer, adopt families like these who have submitted lists of their needs and wants for the holiday season. 

To most efficiently collect donations, SG members have created an Amazon Gift List so people can purchase from a pre-selected list of gifts to best meet the wishes of the family.

Amazon Gift List

SG thanks everyone in advance for their generous donations and support. 

If you have any questions, contact SG Liaison Mario Tucker at Donations will be accepted until Dec. 13.

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