eLearning & Brightspace

If you have decided to take online courses, you’ll want to make sure that you look up information specific to your course(s). There are benefits to taking courses online: less restrictive, convenient, 24 – 7 access to course materials. Yet, some people don’t do well in online courses. You really need to be highly self-motivated, have really good computer skills, have good study skills and know how to manage your time. Some people love them; some don’t like them at all. You’ll need to get to know Brightspace. Even if you didn’t register for an online class, you will likely still need to learn how to use Brightspace. It is the course management system for delivering content in an online course and a lot of professors will use it to supplement their traditional courses. There is an online orientation to help you to become familiar with Brightspace and how to log in. There is usually an on-campus orientation prior to the start of each semester and a Brightspace help desk support number: (734) 384-4328 if you prefer to talk to a real person.