College Leadership

MCCC has excellent leadership that allows us to think big and reach for more as a college.  Our leaders ensure that we meet our mission as guided by our core values while forging a solid vision for the future.

The Monroe County Community College District was organized by approval of the voters of Monroe County, Michigan on June 29, 1964 under Act 188 of 1955 as amended.  The purpose of this district is to create and operate a community college within and for the County of Monroe.  Per the Community College Act of 1966, a community college district is directed and governed by a board of trustees that consists of 7 members elected at large in the territory of the district or proposed district on a nonpartisan basis.

The executive function of Monroe County Community College is delegated to a competent executive officer with the title of president, who is appointed by the Board of Trustees.  The president is directly responsible to the Board of Trustees for executing efficiently the policies adopted by the Board and keeping it informed of progress. The Board appoints other members of the administrative staff on the recommendation of the president. The president also acts as the liaison between the college Board and The Foundation at MCCC.