Academic and Student Life

Students on campusMCCC’s has a wide variety of clubs and organizations and other opportunities that enhance the academic experience. Some of these are specifically focused on multicultural experiences and diversity and inclusion, while others offer leadership roles, mentorship and fellowship to help foster these experiences. 

Get involved! Some of the options include Student Government, the Honors Program, Gender/Sexuality Alliance, the MCCC Student Ambassadors Club and the MCCC Christ-centered Community. The college also offers extensive veterans services, including a Veterans Lounge, as well as an extensive Upward Bound Program. Upward Bound emerged out of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 in response to President Lyndon B. Johnson administration's War on Poverty. It is a pre-college program designed to assist students to overcome class, academic, social and cultural barriers to higher education.

MCCC also offers a Study Abroad Program for students and community members, as well as a Global Studies Degree Designation, a co-curricular program with a mission dedicated to providing students opportunities to enhance their global knowledge, awareness, and perspective in a variety of disciplines and prepare them for citizenship in an increasingly globally connected world.

Be sure to check out all the campus life opportunities at MCCC!

For more information on Student Life contact:
Gerald McCarty
Dean of Student Services
 (734) 384-4183