Support For Specific Occupational Programs

Perkins Occupational Populations Support Services are funded through the Carl D. Perkins Grant. To make an appointment with the Perkins Counselor Call: 734-384-4167. The POPSS Office is located in the Student Success Center (Room 218 on the second floor of the Campbell Learning Resources Center). Services include assistance with advising, career resources, academics, the financial aid process, disability services, non-traditional career resources and special events.

To qualify, students must be enrolled or intending to enroll in one of the following state-approved occupational programs and meet one of the POPSS qualifications.

Program Name High Wage, Demands or Skill Non-Traditional
Accounting DS M
CIS: Office Professional WDS M
Automotive Engineering Technology WDS F
Construction Management Technology WDS F
Culinary Skills and Management DS F
Electrical Engineering Technology WDS F
Mechanical Design Technology WDS F
Mechanical Engineering Technology WDS F
Metrology Technology WDS F
Registered Nursing WDS M
Practical Nursing WDS M
PC Support Technician WDS  
Product and Process Technology WDS F
Respiratory Therapy WDS  
Welding Technology WD F


D = High Demand
Occupations having more than an average employment growth rate of 7.7% (reported by Michigan Department of Labor for all occupations, 2004-2014), or above the median annual openings (224).

W = High Wage
Occupations paying at or above the median hourly wage of $15.86 or the mean annual wage of $41,230 or more (Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates, 2006).

S = High Skill
Occupations with a minimum educational requirement of postsecondary training or above or those occupations with long-term on-the-job training or related work experience as a minimum educational requirement, and postsecondary training or above as a competitive educational requirement.

Occupations for which individuals from one gender comprise less than 25% of individuals employed in each field of work.

M = Nontraditional occupation for males

F = Nontraditional occupation for females

Students with physical, learning or psychological disabilities who are registered with MCCC’s Disability Services Office.

Nontraditional students enrolled in a program in which 25 percent or less of a gender is represented.

Single parents who are unmarried with a minor child or children, separated with a minor child or children, or single and pregnant.

Economically disadvantaged students who are receiving a federal Pell grant.

Displaced homemakers who have worked primarily in home and are dependent on income of another family member but no longer supported by that income.

Students with limited English proficiency or English as a Second Language whose native language not English or reside in a home where another language is spoken 60 percent of the time.

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